If so, uninstall OpenDNS and make sure that in your system settings that your DNS server is set to something else. Google's public DNS servers are and …

You're most likely going to want to get rid of that annoying gold lock down in the bottem right corner, so just go into options, then check "Hide Golden Lock" along with "Don't use IE" so that it will work easier for google chrome.. If this method doesn't work, I suggest using either Command Line, or Command Prompt. What is OpenDNS? Why should I use it, and how? - pcWRT May 06, 2015 Does anyone know how to get past opendns block on internet Mar 23, 2010 Porn Filters Compared: OpenDNS, Neustar, CleanBrowsing

Oct 20, 2009

Oct 06, 2015 Porn Sites not Blocked by Opendns - How to do with FamiSafe

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IPCop Firewall / Re: [IPCop-user] openDNS setup question I am using openDNS.com in order to use their DNS servers. What I've done so far is set the DNS servers in the gui under Services -> DHCP Server. That works. Then I went to Services -> Dynamic DNS. This is where I need help. When my IP address changes, I want openDNS to get updated. But they didn't require me to have a host or domain name. OpenDNS To Launch Free Web Filtering for Education Other users then vote on the appropriateness of the tagging. With enough votes from OpenDNS users, a site will pass the threshold of acceptability and be pushed into an active (blocked) status in a given category. "Communities are better at doing these things than companies," said OpenDNS CEO David Ulevitch, who spoke to us Wednesday.