Open Netflix app on your phone, login to your account and then select the profile for which you want to change the video quality. Now tap the More button at the bottom of the screen. Next, click on the "Account" option. This will open your account settings in a web browser.

How to Adjust Video Quality on Netflix iPhone, iPad, TV to Currently, only the 2 and 4 screen plans support the HD or higher video quality, if you have subscribed to single screen SD screen, then I’m afraid you won’t get to enjoy the Netflix titles in HD. So, Enjoy Netflix Movies, TV Series in HD Quality by Change the Video Quality from Netflix Player settings on any devices. What Internet Speed Do I Need for Netflix? | Netflix recommends at least 5 Mbps for HD quality and 25 Mbps for Ultra HD or 4K quality. And while 25 Mbps might be enough for watching Netflix, if you have other people in the house who like streaming or online gaming you’ll want to account for the shared bandwidth.

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