2010-10-3 · The best way to learn is by doing, and parents who want to help their children set up a blog should set up their own blogs first in order to educate themselves and model good online behavior.

Anonymous users can now submit requests using the contact form on the Wordpress administrator dashboard. Follow up on requests submitted via this form are handled in Zendesk Support. Another way to create tickets for anonymous users is to convert blog comments into tickets (see Converting a blog post comment into a ticket). How – And Why – to Set Up an Anonymous Intranet User In our client’s case, they were setting up a survey and they wanted employees to feel completely safe to respond to the survey honestly. Hence, the desire to have them remain anonymous. Occasionally, companies go through a particularly sensitive period, such as during lay-offs or corporate takeovers, when emotions run high. Online Polls: Use Our Free Poll Maker | SurveyMonkey

Setting up a proxy for downloading torrents can be an annoying task for some. To get around this headache, TorGuard now offers easy to use software that will setup your Torrent Proxy on Windows in just a few seconds. This installer will work with all the latest …

Picking A Domain Name For Your Blog & Setting Up Your Web Hosting In order to set up a blog you will need a domain name and web hosting. If you are new to starting a blog then I recommend that you register your domain & hosting with the same company to keep things simple. TorGuard is a leading provider in anonymous proxy services, offering socks5 and http proxy access in over 10 countries worldwide. Anonymous proxy service allows the user to bypass censorship and hide their personal IP address with no added software install. TorGuard’s anonymous proxy works directly within firefox, internet explorer or even May 02, 2016 · I too blog anonymously though my family and a few friends know about my blog. My anonymous status does hold me back – I can’t follow bloggers on Facebook with my page, joining blogging groups has been awkward, etc, using my own photos would make life much easier.

Why I Blog Anonymously My websites are businesses. While a lot of people blog to support an existing business, my blogs are my business. Therefore, it’s the business name I want to promote, not my name. Just as Amazon’s website doesn’t try to promote Jeff Bezos, my websites don’t need to promote me. I have diverse, unrelated websites

2009-6-16 · Following today's landmark judgement on one blogger's right (or not) to anonymity, I thought it might be useful to post the following tips on maintaining anonymity online. 1. Use an anonymous email account to register your blog. Hushmail is one free service that provides encrypted accounts; RiseUp is aimed at activists; MintEmail gives you a… How to create a truly anonymous blog or website - Quora Anonymity is a perpetual game of cat and mouse; depending on the level of anonymity you require, there's always something that can be done to trace something back to you. True anonymity comes from stretching those steps as far as possible. For ex