WD My Cloud: Streaming Over Internet: 1. IP Address, Ports

Remember me. Service Status Privacy Policy | © 2019 Western Digital Technologies, Inc. | © 2019 Western Digital Technologies, Inc. IPv4 Network Mode By default, the network mode is set to DHCP, which means the WD My Cloud EX2 device automatically gets the IP address and other settings from your network. Select the method of assigning the device’s unique IPv4 address: • Jan 09, 2018 · Security researcher James Bercegay found a glaring security hole in the Western Digital MyCloud family of storage devices back in June 2017. He discovered that, amongst other vulnerabilities, a hidden firmware backdoor allowed anyone to login remotely, using the username mydlinkBRionyg, and the somewhat underwhelming password abc12345cba. Step 4: Follow the assistant to assign a static IP address. You actually only have to click on „Next“ and „Apply“ in order to apply the settings. Please remember the IP address shown in Step2. This IP address will be the one with which you can access your WD MyCloud at any time.

Configuring a WD My Cloud for SMB instead of AFP [Solved

I just logged into my WD My Cloud console and retrieved the STATIC IP address I assigned to the device many months ago during initial setup. Once I had the IP address, I just did the following: Finder --> Connect to Server. Entered smb://IP address/, clicked on “+” to add to the list of Favorite Servers

Seagate Personal Cloud User Manual - Owner Administration

Hey everyone, I recently switched my WD MyCloud from DHCP mode to static IP, because I wanted to connect from outside the Local Network via VPN or so. But now that´s not the main problem anymore. I red in a forum that it´s an IP above the DHCP IP pool required, so I gave it as far as I remember. Before that, the IP was Now I can´t connect to MyCloud anymore. not My Cloud™ From an SD Card – Using the WD My Cloud Mobile App (iOS) Import all files on an SD card to your drive using the WD My Cloud mobile app. Make sure the WD My Cloud app is installed on your mobile device. Insert the SD card into the My Passport Wireless drive. On your mobile device, launch the WD My Cloud … Wd My Cloud Default Ip Address