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May 06, 2020 YouTube Just Censored A Video Criticizing Censorship Oct 28, 2016 To censor or not to censor? YouTube's double bind Mar 21, 2017 WATCH: “Dr Erickson Covid19 Briefing” CENSORED by YouTube

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YouTube admits it isn't going to be able to protect every user from every possibly offensive video or comment. The site asks users to provide their age when they sign up (you must be 13 or older), and to take an active role in shaping the community by rating videos and comments, adding comments and flagging videos that seem objectionable.

YOUTUBE CENSORED — Free at BitChute – Public Intelligence Blog All of the below videos remain available at BitChute but in my view this censorship by YouTube, combined with Google manipulation of search and censorship, is the death notice for #GoogleGestapo. We need an Open Source Agency and Web 3.0. Click below to see any censored video at BitChute Why is YouTube censoring so much content? - Quora Thanks for the request, Quora User. To be honest, I haven’t seen YouTube censoring a lot of content, but that might be because I’m watching the wrong videos, I don’t know. I imagine it would be because of the world’s ever increasing demand for the YouTube quietly launches new 'CENSORSHIP' scheme designed Sep 01, 2017