Apr 30, 2020

A Mac notice may appear to ask if you want to open the application that has been downloaded from the internet. Select Open to continue. Sign in with your Cricut ID and password. Enjoy using Design Space for Desktop! To share feedback, use the Feedback tab at the bottom of the Design Space menu. Things to know: The app remembers your sign-in. Find the MAC address printed on the My Cloud product label. Your MAC address will be unique to your device. Enter the MAC address to continue with setup: If a window with setup icons doesn’t pop up on your computer or you can’t find it, follow the instructions below for your computer’s OS. We’ll use Nest Cam as an example, but the steps are the same for Dropcam. Mac OS X 10.4 or later Discover the creative world of Silhouette. Shop desktop cutting machines including the Silhouette Cameo® plus our selection of cutting materials and other accessories.

Locating the MAC address during Chromecast setup. From the "Connect to Wi-Fi" screen of the setup process, tap More located in the top right corner. Tap Show MAC Address.

How to Install a CAC Reader for Mac [UPDATED 2020!] - Home Once you have your CAC reader, plug it into your Mac and ensure your computer recognizes it. If you have one of the CAC readers we suggested above, then you should be good to go. If for some reason your CAC reader isn’t working, you may need to download the appropriate drivers for your CAC reader.

How to Set up Microsoft OneDrive for Mac

Set up Find My on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. You can use it to find your AirPods or Apple Watch, too. Get started with the app. Share locations. Easily locate friends and family members. Share your location with others, and let them share back. Find your friends.