In the video, flood waters can be seen engulfing buildings. The woman describes being trapped in the building whose roof has been ripped off. —Ann (@mushydumpling) September 2, 2019 Another video, posted by the Bahamas Press from an unidentified Snapchat account, asks for prayers and shows a window that has been blown out, leaving the inside of the house exposed to the elements.

16 things you didn't know about The Bahamas, a land of Jul 10, 2017 Bahamas to bar commercial flights from US, but private The Bahamas is restricting commercial flights from the US again in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The Caribbean nation has largely avoided an outbreak as severe as the United Video Gallery - Nassau Paradise Island, Bahamas Videos

Bahamas Gets Much Needed Hurricane Dorian Relief After

Things to Do in The Bahamas - Travel Guide for The Bahamas Oct 21, 2013 helps you to find the best entertainment in the Bahamas, whether you're a first time visitor to the islands, a regular or a local. This is the place to find the information that'll make your days and nights more fun! We offer the latest on clubs, parties, events, concerts and lots of other new & exciting things to do.

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