The non-standard port is needed if you already have a openvpn server setup on the standard port of 1194. If you only need one openvpn you should use the default openvpn port of 1194 and forgo the non-standard ports. OpenVPN on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter | Dev Notes says: if on vyatta, uncomment the line in sources.list when done”

Basics. Static routes, unlike those configured in through OSPF, BGP, or RIP must be configured manually by the router administrator. Because of this, it is recommended that static routing should only be used in small, simple networks. VyOS – Open source router and firewall platform I use Vyos from the beginning and his predecessor Vyatta. I like platform because has own style of architecture and similar cli like cisco and juniper. I use platform to make migration from site to site or hybrid migration with Cloud. I'd like that platform has all ipv6 attribute and use it very much. [SOLVED] VyOS/Vyatta Static route question - Networking Apr 14, 2016

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Download the LiveOS ISO. Create Red Hat RHEL5 (32 bit) VM with. 2GB hard drive. 2x E1000 NIC. 128MB RAM. Connect ISO and allow to boot fully. Login as root / vyatta. To install to local disk, run the install script with the following command. install-system. VYATTA - The Easy Tutorial - Case Study 1 - Static Routing

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User Guide - VyOS Wiki User Guide Using the Command-Line Interface. The VyOS CLI comprises an operational mode and a configuration mode . Operational mode Quick Start Guide. Below is a very basic configuration example that will provide a NAT gateway for a device with two Configuration Overview. VyOS makes use of a