From the RADIUS client. The value of this attribute indicates the client’s preference in IP address. The RADIUS server does not have to assign this address, although it may do so. From the server to the client. The RADIUS server will assign the IP found in this attribute to the connection.

Primary Server. Radius Server. Specify the name or IP address of the RADIUS server. Authentication Port. Specify the authentication port value for the RADIUS server. Default port number: 1812, 1645 (legacy servers) NAS-IP-Address. Specify the NAS IP address. NOTE: If you leave this field empty, the internal IP address is passed to RADIUS requests. What is RADIUS | AXL RADIUS Many modern applications use the accounting function for Mobil-IP and VOIP (Voice over IP). Software can use the RADIUS protocol to authenticate, provision, and provide accounting services for software applications. What is a RADIUS Server? A RADIUS server provides a single point authentication and accounting services for dialup systems RADIUS Attributes Configuration Guide - RADIUS NAS-IP Jan 21, 2018

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Feb 14, 2017

If you can't ping the router from the RADIUS server then make sure the gateway is configured properly on the RADIUS server and that an ACL isn't blocking traffic on the router. If both of those are working then I'd check to make sure the RADIUS server is configured to use port 1812 for RADIUS and again look to make sure no ACLs are negatively

Verify the status of the Windows firewall on the Okta RADIUS Server Agent server to make sure it is not blocking the connection. Verify that the VPN device and the server can reach each other via ping or ask for a network admin to verify network connectivity. Configure the RADIUS server using the IP address instead of the hostname. Using RADIUS Server with PMP 450 - Cambium Networks … Authentication Server IP and sharedsecret.A maximum of 3 RADIUS server can be configured to use.This can provide load balancing or fallback mechanism in case other serverrs are unreachable. Check Session Status List , Configuration tab to find which SM is authenticated by which RADIUS server.