The users have tried a different battery or different charger but still, the problem persists which is very annoying. Below are the solutions you can try to fix invalid battery message in Android phones. Clean Battery Contacts . To fix invalid battery message in Android, clean the contacts of your battery …

Android phone battery suffering? Here's a simple fix | ZDNet Mar 17, 2014 Android Battery Monitor - What's Draining Your Android Battery Doctor. Battery Doctor is literally a doctor for your Android phone. This is a great battery … Android battery life trick: Find the apps draining your phone

Is your phone or tablet battery constantly reduced to a sliver of red on the screen? New research has found the worst performance-draining apps on Android devices, and Facebook is the biggest culprit.

Jan 07, 2015 · It seems to have helped a bit. I'm down to 39% battery in 8 hours, and the Exchange Services says 24% which is about half of what it was this time yesterday. I use the phone fairly heavely during the day and I will be glad if I can get 12-13 hours out of a charge. I got a bit more with my Droid Maxx but of course it was way smaller than this phone.

1 day ago · I have a 2 yr old ASUS which is out of warranty. My "battery health" is 81.82%. Lately it has started to drain while plugged in. I have tried several wall outlets with the same result. If I "reset settings" in Chrome, that seems to resolve the issue temporarily. Once I get a charge and start working, it starts to drain again while plugged in.

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