On Microsoft Windows operating systems, a Windows service is a long-running executable that performs specific functions and which is designed not to require user intervention. Windows services can be configured to start when the operating system is booted and run in the background as long as Windows is running, or they can be started manually

Mar 04, 2013 The Windows Home Server Backup service is not running Oct 17, 2009 c# - Windows Service Not Starting After Installing - Stack or go to Control Panel -> Admin tools -> Services and select your service and click start. full path above depends also on your actual windows version. even if you did not use any logging, in general service failures are recorded in the Windows Event Log so open Event Viewer and see latest events. Windows Update Cannot Currently Check for Updates Because Jul 19, 2018

How is the Everything service started? Windows automatically starts the Everything service on system start-up. Stopping or starting the service. The Everything service is always running and generally does not need to be stopped. However, you can start or stop the Everything service from Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services

Apr 17, 2018

1) Press the Windows logo key and R on your keyboard to invoke the Run box. 2) Type “ services.msc ” and click OK to open the Services snap-in. 3) Click Windows Update and then click Stop (the service).

If the status is blank, it means the service is not running. Right-click Base Filtering Engine in the list and select Start to enable the BFE service. If the BFE service does not start, select a method below and use the instructions in the relevant article: Repair the BFE Service by using Windows Firewall Diagnostics: The Windows Wireless Service Is Not Running on This Jul 20, 2020